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Strikes and Bans

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Posted 22 February 2012 - 06:00 AM

Reporting Rule Breakers

-Send all information of rule breakers to any officials (Council+ Members)

-All Pure hatred members are capable of reporting others for any rule breaking. Note You won't get up-ranked simply because you report other people.

-Strikes will not be permanent, given that members can improve strikes can be cleared every 3 months.

-Strikes are appealable 1 day after they're given, the appeal must be posted in the Appeal section of the forums.

Punishments are as followed; These are depending on severity of the offense.
-First Strike - Warning
-Second Strike - 3 Day TB
-Third Strike - 7 Days TB
-Fourth Strike - Kicked.

You can and will be automatically removed from the clan for any of the following reasons without any sort of strike beforehand:

-Scamming Members
-Hacking Members
-Leaking Private information deemed damaging to the clan

What is a tb?

TB stands for Temporary ban which means all your forum accecss will be removed and you will not be allowed to attend any events or use our Teamspeak Server.

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